2020 China Mobile Onenet Star Internet of Things Maker Marathon Finals Kicked Off

As one of the events of the 2020 online smart Expo, today (16th), the finals of the 2020 China Mobile onenet Star Internet of things maker marathon kicked off. 10 individual developer teams and 20 enterprise teams will bring projects covering multiple fields such as smart city, new retail, smart home, smart school Park, artificial intelligence and epidemic prevention and control to compete for the onenet star at their respective tracks. Finally, the smart purchase technology team from Chongqing University of Posts and telecommunications and Zhejiang Rongjia technology won the championship of individual developer track and enterprise track.

It is reported that the event is a top IOT product and capability display and incubation platform built by China Mobile for IOT industrial chain partners and IOT developers, integrating online and offline. It is committed to mining and discovering more excellent teams and IOT solutions, jointly building a common IOT ecosystem, and promoting the landing of IOT industrial projects in Chongqing, Accelerate the agglomeration of Internet of things enterprises and accelerate the upgrading of intelligent industry in Chongqing.

Integration of pricing and payment of shopping cart in unmanned supermarket

The reporter learned from the on-site interview that, unlike previous events, this year's event has specially designated two tracks for individual developers and enterprises in order to consider the richness, confrontation, interest and fairness of the participating teams.

The team projects of individual developers shortlisted for the finals cover all vertical fields of the Internet of things, among which the project in the field of intelligent medical health has become the highlight of the event.

The reporter noted that in the individual developer track competition, there is a contactless intelligent locker project based on onenet platform. The project realizes the storage and retrieval operation of the locker through face registration and face recognition technology, which greatly reduces the risk of cross infection. There is also an infrared human body temperature detection system built based on onenet platform. The system can upload the detected temperature data to onenet platform based on Internet of things technology. After quantitative processing, the data can obtain the surface temperature distribution of visual object and generate thermal imaging map, so as to realize contact free human body temperature detection and help global epidemic prevention.

After intense competition in the morning and comprehensive scoring, finally, "Zhigou technology team" won the first prize of individual developer track.

During the interview, Lu Wan, a member of the "smart shopping technology team", told reporters that they were all from Chongqing University of Posts and telecommunications. The participating project was an unmanned supermarket system project in the new retail field. Based on the integrated development of RFID identification technology and onenet Internet of things platform, using RFID identification technology can not only realize the senseless and accurate piece counting and pricing of goods on the shopping cart, It can also pay directly through the shopping cart to improve the shopping efficiency of the unmanned supermarket and optimize the shopping experience.

Enterprise teams have made "suggestions" for the Internet of things industry

2020 is the key year to start the new journey of the national "14th five year plan". In the face of the accelerated integration of the Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence and other new generation information technologies brought by 5g technology with the real economy, participating Internet of things enterprises have launched their own industrial solutions in the field of Internet of things to help the construction of new smart cities.

The reporter noted that the competition also brought projects such as smart city, smart water, smart water purification and smart parking.

For example, the smart security project, developed by using Internet of things technology, integrates anti-theft, intelligent control, fire prevention, production and operation management, and will also provide new ideas for community management. The smart water solution based on onenet uses non-magnetic sensors, combined with the Internet of things, cloud services and big data technology to provide accurate measurement for water companies and water meter users. By docking with onenet, non-magnetic water meters can actively report data to the cloud platform. Water companies are free of meter reading, and users can see their own water use every day.

Finally, the "smart city · waste free city" medical waste supervision intelligent full closed-loop city comprehensive treatment solution brought by Zhejiang Rongjia technology won the championship of the enterprise team.

It is reported that the "smart city · waste free city" intelligent closed-loop urban comprehensive treatment solution for medical waste supervision can realize the intelligent operation, full process monitoring and closed-loop management of medical waste collection and transportation through the Internet of things information technology, intelligent equipment and whole process intelligent supervision platform, and realize the "from generation to transportation to incineration" of medical waste The whole process of tracking.

2020 China Mobile Onenet Star Internet of Things Maker Marathon Finals Kicked Off 1

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