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No, unless the monitor is designed with this in mind.Monitors are designed to be powered with 100-120V AC or 220-240V AC, depending on the region. Then monitor's internal power supply adjusts this voltage to DC that powers all discrete components. I do not think AC is used directly in modern LCDs.USB-PD provides 5-20V DC. That's not what the monitor needs.The monitor could be designed to be powered by USB-PD. In that case instead of AC-DC converter it would have a single DC-DC converter producing required voltage.

Best Behringer VP1100 Ultra Fine Pouches, Ducted, 12-Inch, White Nylon Pouches 1

1. Apple USB-C Multiport adapter bricked

Your adapter is not bricked per se. I have two of them and have been unable to get them to work at all under Sierra 10.12.6 using HDMI. I was able to update them both and reboot successfully. They both show up under System Information as you describe, but no connection is ever established with the HDMI display. Failing the reboot of the computer is not the problem. It's just that the reboot is needed before the system will recognize it. If you have rebooted since then, you have done all that you can do. I have thought about reaching out to Apple Support, but feel it is going to quickly become a wild goose chase with them

2. When using an adapter, such as USB-C male to USB-A female, is the delay noticeable or neglible?

you will not notice a delay made by USB time / space causality. the same way that using a USB hub of any version (1.1, 2.0, 3.14) does not slow down time

Best Behringer VP1100 Ultra Fine Pouches, Ducted, 12-Inch, White Nylon Pouches 2

3. Connect two monitors using DVI and/or VGA to USB-C

I highly recommend a thunderbolt dock to do this. In my experience it is not possible to daisy chain the adapters as described in one of the other answers. In fact, the port they are using to daisy chain is only for power in anyway. Yes the connector fits, but does not function.USB-C docks that offer multiple monitors usually rely on DisplayPort Multi-Stream Transport, which is not supported by macOS. Because of this, these adapters are usually listed as Windows only.

4. Why are there no USB-C to MicroB adapters?

There are. I bought one a few months ago.How about this USB C to Micro USB Adapter 3 Pack, Benfei USB Type C to Micro USB Male to Female Adapter Compatible for MacBook 2018 2017 2016, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 S8 S9, Google Pixel, Nexus, and More: BenfeiDirectWhy are there no USB-C to MicroB adapters?

5. If I have two Windows machines with USB-C power, can I use one as a power source for the other?

No.USB-C does not dictate what power levels a device can output except for the default 5V out, while most laptops require 15V or 20V in order to charge. (Or would require double or quadruple the current to charge, with larger and possibly unreasonable drops in conversion efficiency due to needing to first step up the voltage to be able to push electrons into the battery) USB PD (Power Delivery) is a negotiated power delivery protocol, devices advertise what voltages and currents they support, and can request the most efficient method they desire. If the device does not support outputting the required voltage then they will fall back to the default 5V which may not be enough. It is this negotiation that makes most USB C chargers "safe" to use across devices like phones and laptops. They will output 5V by default, then if neither device supports a particular power profile (voltage/current) then another can be selected. Either the devices find a high-power profile they can work with and select or they get the default 5V. You would have to look at the specifications of both laptops to find out if they support USB PD output, and check that the output of one matches the required USB PD input of the other. Just having USB C does not guarantee that it supports USB Power Delivery.As an example you can easily find battery pack power banks that have USB C, but only support up to 9V output which is not enough to charge a computer but is fine for compatible phones. Then there are high power 60W devices that support (and list) up to 20V at 3Amps which allows them to charge many newer laptops.Many laptops already have power conversion circuitry to go from 15-20V power supplies down to their battery voltage (usually 7.2V) for charging. That circuitry is not generally bi-directional and does not necessarily mean that it can convert the 7. 2V battery voltage back up to 20V for output. They would require extra electronics to output that voltage and power level.If your laptops do not specifically mention USB PD Output then I would assume that they can only put out 5V on the USB port.

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