Camping on Land, on Public Footpath Area. No "No Camping" Signs

What you are proposing to do is generally considered trespassing, vagrancy, a public nuisance, and other similar anti-social actions. In a nutshell, that public path you are writing about is probably an "easement" over someone's privately owned land. In essence, you have no rights to leave that path. The owner probably is a nice guy who does not mind reasonable enjoyment of the surroundng land. If 30 teenage friends all set up camp, it's reasonable to expect the owner to call in the cops. If a person or corporation does not own the surrounding land, it's owned by some local, state, or national entity (and called a public land), you still have no right to camp where you see fit. There's likely to be laws prohibiting that for a LOT of good reasons. My experience is in the U.S., I know Canadian laws are similar. Lastly, I've a hill on my land that the local kids and environmentalists feel is thiers to use as they see fit. Overall, really do not like people up there as I can be found liable if they get hurt. Some of the neibor's kids play up there,I know who they are, I've spoken with the folks and quite honestly, it's a great experience for them. Since my kids play up there, I really do not like strangers up there for a greater reason....the visitors tend to pee and poop and that's nasty to find in what is MY backyard, besides that, teens leave trash and broken bottles behind. Lastly, my niebors and I have caught people lighting camp fires up there. In my region...a blanking incredibly stupid thing to do.

Camping on Land, on Public Footpath Area. No

1. What is a good gift to get your bf for valentines day?

what is your budget? do you want to be creative, or buy something? how long have you been together? all important to know first. :-) ____ ok, you've been together a pretty short while so my advice is start small because you have to get better every valentines day after! the basic presents are a wallet/money clip (personalize this by getting it engraved), his favorite cologne, or a watch (which is probably over your budget). if you want to mix it up a little, though, do something personal--make him a gift basket. in it, put a cd with the closest thing to "your song" on it if you have one, a guy magazine he likes (think maxim or sports illustrated), massage oil with a coupon for a massage from you on it, the dvd of the first movie you saw together, and some hersheys kisses. if there are other little gifts that are more meaningful for you, go for those (for example, my boyfriend loves coffee and camping so i got him a french press for us to take on our next camping trip together, with a coupon for a weekend away in the woods). good luck!

2. looking for a different kind of spring break?


Camping on Land, on Public Footpath Area. No

3. Camping food..........?

I always camp with no refrigeration. Fresh fruit & veges are great, powder milk very handy. Gravy mixes go down well and lots of pasta & sauce packets (do not worry about adding the margarine or butter, makes very little difference). You can add almost anything to them to give a different meal every time. If you want meat, go for tin ham cooked with pineapple slices & veges or tuna in a pasta packet is great. I will also wrap any kind of vegetable in foil and put in the fire for a BBQ or fry in pan or on BBQ. The best idea is look around the supermarket for non perishable food and use your imagination. What better place to experiment than out camping

4. What should I do for my husband tonight, it's his birthday and I took the night off?

I do not know where you live what your budget is or what the weather is like, but why not surprise him by doing something with him that you would normally not want to do. For example, things I would like. - My GF hates camping, but I come home to the truck filled with camping gear and she wants to go out for the night somewhere. We drink, eat food cooked over the fire and have some great tent sex. - My girlfriend does not like when I go to the strippers, which I hardly ever do. But take him there, have some drinks and fun followed by fun in the car, or wherever you feel like. Basically, just look at what he likes to do and that you do not , and just suck it up for one night and have fun. You could always do the usual dinner and a movie too. Good luck

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