From the Perspective of Bridge Lighting System, the Use of LED Technology Has Become a Trend

In recent years, with the rapid development of LED industry, the role of LED in urban lighting engineering is becoming more and more obvious. With excellent lighting and energy-saving effects, LED is widely used in public places such as roads and landscape lighting. Nowadays, more and more bridges use LED lighting systems. Some "most" large projects even use LED application products and intelligent control systems in an all-round way, which shows that the use of LED technology has become a trend.

      The following small series will introduce the specific situation of LED lighting in the four bridges.

Bazhong's longest river crossing bridge Dongmen Bridge opened to traffic LED lights to create beautiful scenery

Bazhong Dongmen bridge was launched on January 30, 2015. It is understood that this bridge, known as the most fashionable bridge in Bazhong, connects Zhongba huangjiagou and Zhongyang trunk road in the East, yongjingwan and Nanba Street Garden in the old urban area in the west, and connects the Second Ring Road, with a total length of 762 meters. This figure also broke the previous records of 352m of Huifeng bridge and 431.683m of maliuwan bridge, becoming the longest bridge in Bazhong at present.

According to the designer, the main tower of the bridge adopts LED high-power projection lamp structure, and the stay cable adopts LED point light source. Whenever night falls, these LED lighting sources begin to show a variety of effects such as night sky and star flash, and can change colors with spring, summer, autumn and winter. The pier and arch bridge are lit by LED wall washing lamp and LED projection lamp in layers to show the penetration, three-dimensional and hierarchical feeling of the bridge body through the light, and the light shows the reflection effect in the water. Therefore, whether day or night, the bridge is a beautiful scenery on the Ba River.

The most intelligent bridge in the United States is equipped with Philips intelligent lighting system

The most intelligent bridge in the United States - the new tappanzee bridge in New York, also known as the "New York bridge", will be opened at the end of 2016, equipped with flexible and low-power fashionable LED lighting system, 3.1 miles long, across the Hudson River.

The intelligent lighting system of New York bridge is composed of two Philips intelligent LED series, including 2700 color kinetics led escrow and more than 500 white road view LED lighting tubes. The software behind the intelligent LED system of the New York bridge is completely based on cloud services. Through Philips's active site and city touch control pages, you can set and control the operation mode and pattern of the bridge led lighting system.

Top LED technology of the world's longest sea crossing bridge "Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge"

The world's longest sea crossing bridge "Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge" is expected to be completed in August this year. The main works of artificial island and subsea tunnel are expected to be completed in the first half of 2017, and can be commissioned and opened to traffic by the end of 2017.

It is understood that all LED street lights, LED tunnel lights, led variable information boards, LED landscape lights and corresponding intelligent control systems of the bridge have confirmed and adopted Shanghai Sansi products after repeated demonstration, testing and comparison.

The Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao bridge crosses the Pearl River Estuary and Lingdingyang sea area, which also means that all LED products and systems on the bridge need to withstand the harsh environment such as severe marine salt fog attack, vibration, large temperature difference, typhoon and thunderstorm on the basis of ensuring energy conservation, efficiency, safety and comfort.

Shanghai Sansi said that the LED street lamps of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge adopt ceramic radiator and honeycomb convection heat dissipation technology. The technology was selected into the 2015 national key energy-saving and low-carbon technology promotion catalogue. There are no non-ferrous metals. Independent pixels disperse heat dissipation, and the heat loss is more complete. It can adapt to the multi vibration and multi salt fog environment of the sea crossing bridge at the same time, with pressure resistance and corrosion resistance, so that the service life and reliability have been qualitatively improved.

The LED tunnel light adopts reflective LED technology, which can not see the light, and the light is uniform, soft and not dazzling. The technology comes from the LED tunnel lighting standardization demonstration project of Shanghai Construction and Communications Commission - Shanghai Dalian Road Tunnel Lighting reconstruction project.

The LED variable information board used in the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge project this time also adopts a number of new technologies and materials against salt fog, vibration, ultraviolet and high and low temperature to fully ensure the operation of traffic information release and traffic guidance functions while ensuring the original technical advantages.

Philips dynamic LED lighting is adopted for the largest cable-stayed bridge in Africa

The largest cable-stayed bridge in Africa, the cable-stayed bridge in the briglig valley of the kingdom of Morocco, was officially completed and opened to traffic at 15:00 local time on July 7 (23:00 Beijing time on July 7). The cable-stayed bridge adopts dynamic LED lighting of Philips Lighting. The colors of LED lamps used vary up to 16 million.

Briglig cable-stayed bridge has a total length of 952m and a total deck width of 30.4m. The main bridge adopts (183 376 183) m composite beam cable-stayed bridge, and the main tower adopts four limb separated space curve concrete structure; The main beam adopts the side main beam structure, the concrete side main beams are connected through steel beams, the precast concrete bridge deck is installed on the steel beams, and the expanded foundation is adopted for the main tower pier. The approach bridge is a 5-span 40m precast T-beam structure. The main tower design of the bridge is unique and the main beam design is simple. Among the similar cable-stayed bridges in the world, the flexibility and span are the first in the world.

The highlight of the bridge design is the two main towers. The main tower adopts a beautiful diamond structure shape, which extends upward from the bottom and gradually opens in an arc. It is gradually divided into four branches in the middle and integrated at the top of the tower. Its design has typical Arab architectural characteristics and the moral of "victory gate" and "ideal gate".

The cable-stayed bridge has become a new landmark in Rabat and a landmark in Morocco. Muhammad VI bridge adopts unique architectural design and Philips color dynamics technology to create a beautiful perspective effect. The LED lighting system is expected to save 75% energy consumption than the traditional lighting system.

There is no doubt that led technology is developing rapidly and will replace the traditional light source as the main lighting means sooner or later. LED has played a great role in adding light and color to the urban lighting project. For bridge landscape lighting, reasonable and correct selection of lighting mode is not only a good unity of economy and practicability, but also an important content to realize "green lighting".

From the Perspective of Bridge Lighting System, the Use of LED Technology Has Become a Trend 1

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