Has Anybody Heard of the Aircraft Carrier Made of Ice?

No, but it sure sounds cool

Has Anybody Heard of the Aircraft Carrier Made of Ice? 1

1. Does my infant carrier need to fit perfectly in my stroller?

I have a 10 day old baby, and we bought her the graco snugride in the maria print. It is not heavy, and we bought the set that comes with seat, base, and stroller. I love it the the actual carseat snaps right into the stroller, I take it everywhere. Give is a try, Graco is a great brand, looks, price and safety wise

2. T-mobile or any other carrier?

I think you are going to have similar experiences wherever you go. I have not had any problems with T-mobile, but I do not think there is anything that really stands out about T-mobile or any other phone company. Tthere are not a lot of options for your cell provider unfortunately.

Has Anybody Heard of the Aircraft Carrier Made of Ice? 2

3. Do u have a purse/carrier that u carrie ur dog in ???

I did when I had a yorkie because she preferred to be held than walk, now my pekingese is 10 lbs and too heavy for it. They are good to have when you are traveling though

4. *PLEASE HELP* Is it possible to be a "carrier" of strep throat?

Yes. I am a carrier as well. You have to be sure that people know the risks when you kiss/share drinks/etc.

5. What is the largest aircraft carrier in the world?

The Nimitz class of carriers are the largest. We have more than one.... Last I checked 4 years ago when I was in Japan, the Kitty Hawk was on on her last legs and getting ready to be decommed.

6. what holds an aircraft carrier together?

Jesus, at least with U.S. carriers. Satan holds the carriers of other countries together.

7. What is the difference between a "carrier" and a "service provider"?

The difference between "carrier" and "service provider" is much like the difference between UPS and Amazon; one is bringing the service to you, but the other is the one actually providing the merchandise. The carrier is the company that physically owns the phone lines and maintains them. They "carry" the service to your house. The "service provider" is the company that is responsible for making sure that phone calls to and from the number go to the right places, are billed to the right entity, and are provided with the proper features and services. Sometimes, the "service provider" owns some hardware that provides the technical directions to the carrier, other times they merely manage the carrier's hardware. To determine the service provider for a particular number, start by dialing the operator. AT&T itself should also know the service provider for a number (since they work closely together). If you have a bill, both the carrier and service provider should be listed there.

8. who's your cell phone carrier...???

My parents wo not get me a cell phone, and lazy me, I wont buy one

9. How hard is it to modify an aircraft to land on a carrier?

OK.Let's say someone offered a Ton Of Money to Lockheed-Martin to retrofit a F-16C to land repeatedly on an aircraft carrier. Ignoring the electronics and instrumentation that the US Navy would demand of any aircraft landing on one of their aircraft carriers, L-M would have to modify the complete structural design including the shock-absorption (stroke) of the landing gear. The nominal vertical velocity of an aircraft that repeatedly lands on an aircraft carrier is much greater than the F-16C was designed for. And then there is the installation of the tail-hook into the rear of the jet and the load path for all of that landing force into the primary structure.That ignores the requirement for significant corrosion control for all aircraft that use aircraft carriers.Ultimately it would not be worth the expense.

10. Skip the Infant Carrier and go to Convertible Car Seat?

Who says you are supossed to wake up your baby when you get home?? That does not make any sense at all. I am able to take my son out of his carrier without fully waking him up, he may open his eyes, but falls right back to sleep as soon as i place him in his crib. But i do agree, you are not supossed to leave them in the seat to sleep. But carriers, if used properly are not bad or dangerous. You just have to make sure you use it properly.

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