How Can I Prevent This From Happening Any Longer?

How can I prevent this from happening any longer?

How Can I Prevent This From Happening Any Longer? 1

SUGGESTIONS: Put a large puppy playpen around the tree. Shut the living room door. Gate off the entrance to the living room. Do not use wooden ornaments. Get a small tree and put it on a tall table in a room with a door that closes securely. Also, give the dog something far more interesting to play with just before you leave, like a stuffed Kong.

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Has Your House Ever Been Struck By Lightening?

Has a ball of lightning roll through the living room one day.but I was the only one not home to see that. .and me. We live on on iron ore deposit so I think the ground gets hit all the time around here. No major damage but lots of fried electronics and surge protectors

How Can I Prevent This From Happening Any Longer? 2

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What are some ideas for a good cheap date?

Picnic in the living room while watching a television series/movie you are mutually interested in. And maybe you can cook together, too. That would be fun

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One more question (related to my first Q "about to take the plunge")?

put the potty chair in the living room or wherever you spend the most of your time. while not very pretty, its very useful. i am not a timer parent, but if it works go for it. it was not for me. the potty chair in the living room worked so well (yes mom you were right!)

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How would you rate my story so far? Is it good?

It's pretty good. Did you want a critique, or just a rating? Either way I will give you a critique. Please do not take this personally, because I do like your piece, but I thought a critique would be more helpful than just saying 'it was good'. Firstly, I did not see any glaring flaws which detracted from the story. I have noticed a few things, however, which I will point out to you; feel free to disagree (critiques are, after all, partially subjective), but it's just my humble opinion: 1) Did we NEED to know the mirror is small and cracked, or that the brush is old, or that the living room is small and cozy? What does this add to the story, other than irrelevant detail? Your character would be so familiar with the living room they would not pay it much heed (ditto with the brush), and with the mirror, your character is focusing on the reflection of themselves, not the mirror, so they should not notice the cracks. On the other hand, it was excusable to describe the locket in detail, because your character is examining it and it's presumably somehow important to the story - a valuable possession (it seems?), and further emphasised your character's emotional state through symbolism. You know what I mean? The character description itself was fine too - the old 'looking into the mirror to paint a character description' trick is cliche, but understandable, considering how hard it is to describe your character when writing from a first-person POV. 2) I loved the "pain shooting through the gut". Do not change this. It's a much more powerful way to depict what your character is feeling than just saying they were 'sad'. 3) Your writing feels very disjointed and fragmented (try reading it out aloud and you will see what I mean). Normally, I would criticise you for this, but in this piece of writing it works well because it further conveys your character's confusion and grief; good work with this. If this was an intentional technique - keep it up. If it was unintentional, get used to making your writing flow smoother for those times when your character is not confused/grieving. 4) "I walked into our small but cozy living room and grabbed the remote and turned to face the TV" You could change the above sentence to: "I walked into the living room and raised the remote to the TV" Usually, you do a good job with been straight to the point, with the exception of that sentence. Longer sentences have their place - descriptions, for instance, or to put emphasis on something, or to make a strong point; but for something as trivial as operating a TV remote, try to be brief. Other than that, the answerers above me brought up some good points, and I can not really think of anything else to criticise which would not come down purely to personal taste. So, yeah. If you want, you could experiment with different writing styles, but there's nothing wrong with the matter-of-fact style you currently write in; it's very easy to read and follow what is going on (hence why journalists favour such a style).

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