How Do I Connect My Desktops to Share the Internet?

How do I connect my desktops to share the Internet?

How Do I Connect My Desktops to Share the Internet? 1

Yes, exactly that!An unmanaged switch will do exactly what you want with ease - just plug in and you will get extra ports

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Does anyone know any good websites to get free desktops?

just go and search it in yahoo images

How Do I Connect My Desktops to Share the Internet? 2

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Should these desktops record gaming? Which would be best?

CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA880 Desktop (Black/Blue) It is a good cpu and is a name brand what is your youtube?

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present ideas I need help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Something he's going to be serious about -- you are going to get higher outcome for those who replace, I reckon. Perhaps if he is into desktops, anything for that. Maybe he has a auto, and could recognize a few mats, or placing cube. You would take him out someplace he could like, and even furnish a provider like mow his garden or anything. I would replace if I knew what he favored

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In a general sense, which is better, a desktop or a laptop?

PC, of course, because it has a way to upgrade itself with everything. And on the other hand laptops are more portable than desktops, but they are kinda 'use and throw' types, as they wo not get such upgrades!

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Is there a desktop-neutral gksudo?

No, there is not any standard way of getting root (or any other user's) privileges.If you want to be compatible with as much systems as possible do not assume any way but tell the user that she/he has to run your script as a specific user. Then it's up to the user/admin to configure the system so your script is run in a proper way. Making some suggestion for how to use the most common authentication systems, like su, sudo and ConsoleKit, would be nice

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Will these desktops be able to run games well?

You should be VERY concerned with the 1st one a 6 core cpu and a 1gb card a way to much for that 300w i have a motherboard that has the same socket with a 350 watt minimum other than the PSU (would upgrade to a 550 or higher) other than that the 1st build should do good any game out today the 2nd build not so much maybe something like left 4 dead 2 and such but i would try bigger games like fallout 3 and gta4. and the psu might need a upgrade on the 2nd one if your getting a new CPU for it

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which is the most advanced processor commercially available nowadays in laptops and desktops?

Intel® Core2 Quad processor Intel's most advanced processor which is only available for desktops and mainstream servers and this is the first quad core processor in the world. It has up to 54% better performance in multimedia presentations, streaming movies and playing songs. You would really experience better performance especially when it comes to the speed of your desktops.

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Business desktops

HP X-TerminalSee HP X-Terminals Business DesktopSee HP Business Desktops HP TouchSmart PCHP BrioHP VectraHP e-PC (e-Vectra)

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Are there any advantages/disadvantages to buying one of those all in one desktops?

I have one and it works pretty well. However, they can be impossible to upgrade. Like you can not even add memory, same idea as a laptop. That being said I would buy one again, I hate all the clutter of a regular computer.

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Remote desktop will not connect

First of all, I would not recommend opening access to your PC from the World. But if that's what you want to do, that's your thing. You need to set the service to run under the local system account, then go to the System properties in control panel, on the Remote tab select to allow remote access and chose the local account you want to grant access to. good luck!

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Can I have different virtual desktops with different resolutions/scaling?

No, each Desktop (Space) will have the same resolution, whatever the Display's resolution is set at.You could use an App like Display Menu to more easily/quickly change the resolution as needed/wanted as you change between Desktops

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how do you create your own desktops?

From my view's I do not think you will need any special softwares to do it. As far as I know you can use your own pictures in your Screen Saver option. Now if you were making a movie our of your pictures or making a video you may need something to that effect. Hope this helps!!.

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