Intel's Complex AI Strategic Plan for the next Two Years Can Be Summarized into the Following Three

Many people who study ml (machine learning) may think DL (deep learning) is a dead end, but Gadi singer does not belong to this group. Gadi singer is vice president of Intel and general manager of artificial intelligence products division. He believes that the marginalized DL has just started and will become the highlight of the next stage of human AI development.

Unlike ray Kurzweil, Google's AI futurist, singer emphasizes the specific details of the company's future AI strategy. What he predicts is not the distant future, but the upcoming 2019 and 2020. According to singer, Intel's AI strategy will take a three pronged approach, covering all aspects of ml. the company will also be ready to provide customers with solutions for the practical use of DL in the fringe.

Intel's complex AI strategic plan for the next two years can be summarized into the following three ideas:

â—† develop diversified chips to meet various needs;

â—† cultivate talents and develop new technologies;

â—† provide an intelligent and consistent software layer for the whole set of products.

What is the architecture of AI cycle operation? Singer's reply is: not just GPU. He said that in the past few years, many companies mistakenly took GPU as the architecture for AI cycle operation. NVIDIA has many training cycles, but its focus has always focused on the discussion of training. Fundamentally, DL has two different tasks, namely training and reasoning. In 2015, Intel estimated that the ratio of reasoning cycle to training cycle was 1:1, now it has become 5:1, and may even become 10:1 in the future. However, most reasoning tasks run on the CPU, and most AI computing cycles run on the Intel Architecture.

Intel's vision for AI (especially DL) in 2019 and 2020 is to lead AI from the early experimental era to almost all entity objects. Intel hopes to build the AI hardware in the hands of researchers into various accessories and wearable devices, provide power for enterprises and R & D personnel, and provide corresponding chipsets and software environment for customers with any needs at the DL level.

In response to the emerging wave of DL, Intel actively acquired AI startups such as movidius and nervana to expand the limits it can achieve in the field of AI chips. To this end, Intel has also redesigned the CPU chip to provide more power for ml, and is committed to developing software solutions connecting AI.

Intel's Complex AI Strategic Plan for the next Two Years Can Be Summarized into the Following Three  1

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