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The colour collocation of the sneakers of Sports shoes

Want sneakers color various effects, such as strongly marked, reserved, classical elegance, breezy, grave, innocent and romantic, youthful vitality, must first understand the following shoes color matching the composition of the law. 1, the echo Law of color echo in sneakers straight the application and performance of a certain colour rather than just exist, just somewhere in the same shoes are the same or similar color photograph echo. 2, comparative law In the use of colour is a certain gap in nature, such as hue, lightness, purity, size, changes in temperature, etc., make sports shoes the color composition effect of smart, strong, attention, the application in the design of sports shoes is one of the most creative and contemporary characteristics. 3, unified law Unified rules make the products have a whole color strength, if not the commonly used color, the greater the area, the stronger visual effects. 4, emphasize the rule Emphasis on rules consciously to represent a point, at the same time, without the application of color contrast, including color hue, purity and lightness. 5, rhythm and law Color rhythm design performance for colour is repeated regularly, usually in hue, purity, lightness, design etc, use well, sports shoes colour effect more lively, freedom and movement. 6, popular rule Shoes sporting goods production color has a certain degree of popularity, in line with the popular color, easy to be accepted by the people movement, shoes color popular law considering the user's conditions, regional, age, sport, different extent restrict shoes popular colour. 7, the innovation rule Sneakers innovation performance in the breakthrough of traditional color matching rule, feel to create a new color visual effect, attract consumer attention to product and consumption.


The aspect of shoes modelling is introduced of Sports shoes

The aspect of shoes modelling is introduced: 1, line More is given priority to with arc, straight line less proportion. 2, color characteristics Apply the collocation of color shoes design injustice, reflects the design style, design trends, also can make the movement much more sex, entertainment greatly improved, at the same time reflects the movement itself is lively, dynamic and lively characteristics. Compared to the color of the shoes and leather shoes, rubber shoes, with the picture of a big, wide use of color, color collocation is complex, the characteristics of abundant visual feeling, mainly displays in the following aspects: Decoration color including common color not only, still a lot of use of metallic, laser laser, flash, etc. Colour collocation is not limited by too much, as well as led colors, but also a variety of color combinations, especially some in leather shoes, rubber shoes, it is difficult to see color, used frequently in the sports shoes, especially eye-catching, so that it is full of vigor and vitality. Sneakers are usually pays attention to products and advertising flexible and varied color, highlight the characteristics of sports shoes and times feeling, to stimulate consumers to purchase desire. As athletic shoe designer and producer, to pay attention to the popular trend of fabric color. 3, decoration aspect Decorative parts in recent years, the development in the direction of the beautiful and function combination. 4, shoes outsole model Shoes outsole is rarely used sole walls, sneakers enclosures is fairly common, and the modelling of the fence.

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Terms about basketball shoes (5) of Sports shoes

Phylon is Nike's unique patented technology, are usually used in the ball in the bottom of interlining, but sometimes also is used in the bottom of interlayer. A is often used in the bottom of the palm laminated durable materials based on the large density foam rubber. When a downward force, force dome deformation to absorb impact, when a downward force disappears, it can quickly recover. Gasket basketball shoes of the core role is to provide additional support in the palm, and keep the return after the ball and movement. In the application of basketball shoes, its special design structure can provide excellent stability and a high level of impact protection. Adidas stability of science and technology, its design concept is in providing palm support at the same time, promote the palm between before and after natural smooth rotation SB: is the abbreviation of SKATEBOARD, Chinese meaning is a SKATEBOARD, which represents shoe DUNK SB. FAFoot Action special color version; AP is Asian shoe plate, for the Asian people specially design; LE refers to a LIMITED EDITION (LIMITED); ); TB is a Team of Bulk, mainly points out on to the Team to match Team uniform color. Also on behalf of the athletes version; NU NEW, mainly JordanBrand in boots and name to the original air Jordan sneakers as inspiration for the design of NEW shoes, NU retro on behalf of this kind of shoes; RETRO after time style, which is given priority to with replica of Air Jordan shoes.


Hiking shoes maintenance experience of Sports shoes

Hiking shoes maintenance experience, the travel process, water is from shoes and seam line into mouth, it is best to use gaiters prevent water from boots mouth intrusion, and waterproofing agent can improve the instep and suture of the waterproof degree, the new buying boots must use repeated daub waterproofing agent for a period of time, at the same time hiking boots must keep dry and clean, waterproof agent must apply sutures and pinhole, activities shall be used for one to two days before departure waterproofing agent daub vamp, let leather fully absorbed, for dark brown leather, attention and pay attention to the using of the manufacturers, nylon fabric hiking boots, by the size of pore not waterproof can use silicone derivatives (silicon - -based) spray, regardless of any boots should be kept dry. How to maintain at ordinary times hiking boots? Maintain proper hiking boots can continue to use for several years, hiking boots and maintenance tips, temperamental predominance to avoid mildew, washing after each cleaning must be used within the set of fork into the shoes or boots newspapers keep dry, avoid hiking boots drying process in high temperature condition, soles wear faster than the instep, generally high prices climbing boots can change the sole, will update the soles of tighter because vamp have changed the original size. Regardless of choose and buy a pair of hiking boots, appropriate still must try to walk on a few days, near the house to walk for hours a day and gradually distance, if the foot appear blisters, try to add a pair of socks, if her foot appear blisters. Socks wear thin or smoke insoles, heel injury, tie shoelaces, bruises, if ankle LACES is not tied to the metal hook slot, if is invalid in a pair of shoes, read the manufacturer's use and maintenance matters needing attention. Maintenance of hiking shoes also need to pay attention to? Inner spray fungicide mouldproof, deodorization, clean socks and clean feet keep feet clean is very important, best wearing two pairs of socks, a pair of wool socks, another pair is a synthetic fiber, so can reduce the friction of socks with each other, the inner layer of thin socks will to the outer layer thick socks absorb sweat socks and boots and thick insulation, socks to choose not too thick, too thin.

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