Question About Marine Sniper School?

Not impossible, but not likely

Question About Marine Sniper School? 1

1. how/where to sell marine uniform?

If you live near a MC Base you could try a classified ad. Cammies- I would take to an army/surplus store. Dress Uniforms-Put on Ebay or some other classified.

2. Marine Corps Infantry?

I was in the 0311 field during the mid 90's and the standerd pattern is a 18 month cycle. The first 6 month is spent getting the unit up to combat shape. Then a 6 month delpoyement be it sitting on the rock, or in a ship. Day to day life is basiclly monday thru friday gig with PT in the morning and classes during the afternoon. With weapon cleaning/Maintance being done. Also lot of working parties to repair or do odd jobs. Basiclly it work out, Clean your gear, DO your chores type stuff, then turn to for the days. Generally the CO will have you run on monday and wensday, with platoon sports on tuesday and thur, While friday is generally a company/ battilion run /hike. While if you in the field IT monday morning grab all you stuff and head out for a nice 10-18 mile hike (2-4 hours) then your working about a 18 hour day while in the field with some down time. But during down time you have to keep your weapon clean and hold fire team level training. During deployment it more training unless you in a combat zone. But i was in the field for training maybe every 3rd week. As for the future prepare to spend alot of time cold, wet and hungary. There where time i sleep sitting up because of all the rain. ANd other times it was almost to cold to sleep. That if you gett to sleep, One week korea during training my company maybe got 15 hours of sleep from monday morning to friday at noon.On wensday at noon we woke up and marched throu the night to attack a target thursday morning, After the attack we where graded and got about 2 hours of down time, before we had another attack to complete, Then around thursday night at 6 we had squad size completion to see which squad can get back to base the fastest. we had 28 miles to cover with 50 lbs of gear.

Question About Marine Sniper School? 2

3. Problem with women joining the Marine Corps?

Just DO not Listen to them , if you want to be the best and want to join one of the most elite branch in the world.... then join.. who cares if they talk crap..... you be independent and You Do you !!!! you Dig! good luck Future Marine!

4. what kind of tests to be a marine?

Same as any other branch of the Military. The ASVAB is required, as well as a visit to MEPS, where they run a standard physical examination, including blood tests, vision and hearing testing (including color vision test), but they also test the range of motion of all of your joints in a test affectionately referred to by those of us who have been there as the "underwear olympics". I think there is also a basic PT test given prior to enlisting as well, but I am not sure, so I wo not speculate

5. Marine switching over to the Army... ?

I've never been to SFAS, but you should check out Two Weeks of Hell on youtube. Thats a documentary on SFAS. Also, as you know physical conditioning is a must. Any crippling phobias will be exposed and exploited by the cadre. Know how to navigate land in the pitch dark. I know watching a documentary wo not tell you how it is but it may help you out. Good Luck

6. Does anyone know which Marine Corps Bases that a Marine can be stationed at?

Go to then click on units then locations a page will pop up that has the state that a unit is in, but remember that just cause you want to go there dosent mean you will. You will get put where the Marine Corps wants you thats the marine way, suck it up

7. Deployed Marine Harassing my fiancee?

Change the phone number and take your number out of the directories. Joe- the chain of command or JAG cannot give out the Marine's SSN to some random person. That is a violation of federal law!

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