Share Five High-value Bluetooth Headsets and Enjoy HD Sound Quality Experience

Affected by smart mobile devices, the market share of true wireless Bluetooth headset has increased significantly. However, for many users who want to pursue excellent sound quality and noise reduction experience, the ear canal is very small and can not use the in ear style, they still need the headset to help them. So today Xiaobian has also prepared five worth starting headset Bluetooth headsets, hoping to help you.

Percussion K5 active noise reduction Bluetooth headset. Percussion K5 headset is small in shape and mainly matched with black and silver. The overall appearance is simple and fresh, slightly retro and looks a little cold. Although the shape of the headset is simple, its functions are also very comprehensive. Many switches are integrated on the headset, which is very practical for the mobile phone party.

Keystone K5 adopts Bluetooth 4.1 Bluetooth technology and csr4.1 Bluetooth scheme, which can make Bluetooth signal transmission more stable. In addition, the maximum transmission distance of 10m can make users use it more freely and flexibly. At the same time, the headset also supports the intelligent one drag two function, which can connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time. Users can quickly switch according to their needs, making it more flexible to use.

Due to the 360 degree ear wrap design, you will obviously feel that there is a certain isolation effect on noise. When the ANC noise reduction mode is not turned on, you need to adjust the earphone volume to close to 100% and you can still hear some noise. After turning on ANC noise reduction, the volume will be significantly increased, and you can't hear noise at only about 70%, so the noise reduction effect is still very obvious. In addition, the percussion K5 has a 5-level noise reduction mode. The headset will automatically adjust the noise reduction effect according to different noisy environments around, so that users can enjoy good sound quality at any time.

Walker w828nb

This headset adopts excellent AMS noise reduction chip, combined with back feed forward composite noise reduction technology and multi-layer PCBA design to improve the anti-interference of the circuit, so that the noise reduction / sound insulation performance of this headset is very excellent. W828nb is equipped with a new generation of 40mm diameter Nd-Fe-B unit with new tuning and repeated verification. It is afraid to be equipped with CCAW voice coil. It has stable material performance, excellent sound quality, full low frequency, beautiful high frequency and excellent analysis. The listening sense can be further improved through software EQ adjustment.

W828bt has two very classic colors: white and black. The earphone is made of textured metal spray paint and matched with large surface based metal CD decorative film, which makes the whole machine beautiful and exquisite. In addition, it is worth noting that this headset is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology to bring more stable transmission and better sound performance.

Iron triangle ath-sr30bt, the ath-sr30bt launched by audio technica, has built-in dc3.7v lithium polymer battery. According to the data provided by the original factory, it can have up to 70 hours of music playing endurance as long as it is charged for about 4 hours. If you use headphones to listen to music for an average of 2 hours a day, then you don't need to charge for more than 1 month. It's no problem to travel long distances. It's really super lasting!

Micro USB port is used for charging. You can enjoy up to 70 hours of music playing endurance as long as you charge for four hours. Another attraction of ath-sr30bt to me is that it is easy to carry. The whole headset is mainly made of plastic shell and stainless steel bracket, with a total weight of only 190g. It is quite lightweight for earmuff headphones. In addition, with the rotating folding design of earmuffs, you can put the headset flat and the laptop into your backpack, You can also fold the earmuff inward to the size of your palm and insert it into the big pocket of your coat, which is easy to carry without burden.

Sennheiser hd458bt and HD 458bt special edition retain all the essence of the original work and add new changes at the same time. A touch of bright red with metallic luster brings vitality to the minimalist black appearance and reveals the connotation of its excellent audio performance. " HD 458bt adds a touch of bright red to the original minimalist design style,

HD 458bt adopts closed design, and the bass is deep and elastic. The built-in active noise reduction function can enjoy pure sound even in noisy environment. Therefore, whether you go out for use or in a busy home, you can create a private space for you and avoid disturbing people nearby. High quality audio decoders such as AAC and aptx are the guarantee of excellent quality. Aptx's low delay can ensure that people are very synchronized when watching video.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II, Bose's iconic product QuietComfort 35 II wireless noise cancellation headset, added a new color choice: Rose Gold Limited Edition on May 15, 2019. The refreshing color matching makes it easy to open with one key, eliminate noise and enjoy endless good times.

In terms of performance, the new product continues the powerful gene of QuietComfort 35 II wireless noise elimination headset series. It has world-renowned noise elimination technology, extraordinary audio performance, comfortable wearing experience and up to 20 hours of battery life, making people focus on the moment anytime, anywhere.

The reputation of QuietComfort 35 II wireless noise elimination headset is not a day or two. Its strength comes from Bose's most famous noise elimination technology, which makes music closer and closer. On the basis of the 30, the new generation 35 series has added three physical buttons for eliminating noise level for one click switching, so that you can control the use environment and external scenes of the headset more according to your control. 35 generation II models also integrate voice assistant one click wake-up support.


Share Five High-value Bluetooth Headsets and Enjoy HD Sound Quality Experience 1

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