Tesla's Autopolit Function Sensor Has Nothing to Do with the Vehicle's Door Switch Signal

Speaking of the current Tesla, there seems to be no lack of topic, which is also related to its unique car making style.

In terms of automatic assisted driving, Tesla's experience is better than many models. However, in the simple AEB emergency stop test, Tesla models frequently overturned, even worse than traditional fuel vehicles.

Such a large difference in performance has also brought a lot of controversy to Tesla. Moreover, in terms of other safety performance of vehicles, Tesla is also different from traditional car companies.

Ordinary people realize that if the door is not closed tightly during driving, there will be no small risk. If the door is opened at this time, some models will prompt the driver or even slow down.

But Tesla obviously doesn't think that if the door is not closed, it will have any impact on it. It can even turn on the autopolit function.

Recently, two young brothers from foreign countries have played a new trick. They completely removed the four doors of a Tesla Model 3, then drove the vehicle to the road and turned on the AP function, with the speed of 4 or 50 km / h.

As can be seen from the video, Tesla's door has been completely removed, but the model 3 can drive normally. In fact, this is also very dangerous, because once the vehicle changes line in an emergency, the huge inertia can easily throw the passengers out of the vehicle.

Therefore, many car companies also adjust the door opening and closing signal to a high priority. Once there is no door closing signal, even the vehicle will speed limit automatically.

However, Tesla not only has no speed limit, but also supports the "autopolit" function. This also proves that the sensor of Tesla's autopolit function is independent of the vehicle's door switch signal.

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Tesla's Autopolit Function Sensor Has Nothing to Do with the Vehicle's Door Switch Signal 1

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