What Is the Application Function of Residual Pressure Sensor in Residual Pressure Monitoring System

As an integral part of building fire protection, the positive pressure air supply system of staircase plays an important role. In case of fire in buildings, a large number of toxic gases such as smoke and carbon monoxide will be generated and block the line of sight. The positive pressure blower will supply air to the fire stairs for escape, so that the indoor smoke can not reach the stairs, creating conditions for people to escape.

Obviously, the design of positive pressure smoke proof staircase should first be based on the safe opening of the door. For example, when there is a door directly leading to the outside on the bottom floor of the staircase, if the air supply system that directly pressurizes the staircase to realize the indirect pressurization of the front room is adopted, as long as the bottom door or one of the two doors is opened, the front room for closing or opening the door will be in an unsafe situation.

From the perspective of smoke prevention, the higher the residual pressure value, the more conducive to smoke prevention. However, the pressurized air supply direction is just opposite to the opening direction of the evacuation door. If the residual pressure value is too high, the pressure difference on both sides of the evacuation door between the staircase and the front room, between the front room and the walkway will be too large, so that the evacuation door is difficult to open, resulting in potential safety hazards in the evacuation process.

At present, the mechanical pressurized air supply system itself does not have the ability to judge whether the pressurized area maintains a certain pressure, or the pressurized area leaks too much, the pressure can not meet the standard, can not play the role of smoke prevention, or the evacuation blockage is caused by too much pressure. How can we detect the condition of the pressurized area in time and pressurize the air supply at high speed, It is a key problem to maintain relatively stable residual pressure in staircase and front room. Therefore, the residual pressure monitoring system shall be set in the staircase and the front room, which shall be reasonably distributed to maintain the pressure difference between them.

In case of fire or smoke, the pressure in the stairs or in the front room will increase, and the residual pressure sensor (detector) installed in the walkway, (shared) front room or smoke-proof staircase will monitor the residual pressure value and give an alarm, and the residual pressure monitoring system will be linked to prevent the spread of smoke, make personnel evacuate quickly and effectively ensure the safety of the crowd.

Residual pressure sensor, also known as micro differential pressure sensor or residual pressure detector, is a sensor used to measure the difference between two pressures. It is usually used to measure the pressure difference between the front and rear ends of a certain equipment or component. The residual pressure sensor is a device or device that can sense the pressure signal and convert the pressure signal into an available output electrical signal according to a certain law.


What Is the Application Function of Residual Pressure Sensor in Residual Pressure Monitoring System 1

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