What Is the Main Manufacturing Process of Electric Flange Ball Valve

The electric flange ball valve is divided into O-type ball valve and V-type ball valve. The O-type ball valve adopts floating structure, the ball core is precision cast, the outer surface is plated with hard chromium, the valve seat is made of reinforced polytetrafluoroethylene, the diameter of the flow channel is the same as that of the pipeline, the flow capacity is large, the flow resistance is very small, and there is no leakage when closed, so it is generally used as an on-off valve, especially suitable for high viscosity V-type ball valves with fixed structure. The ball core has a V-shaped notch, which can cut fibrous and granular media.

According to different process equipment, pneumatic or electric actuators can be selected to form electric flange ball valve and electric ball valve. Among them, the electric flange ball valve must be equipped with valve positioner to realize proportional adjustment, and the electric ball valve must be equipped with electric actuator or servo amplifier to realize proportional adjustment.

From the material, it can be divided into: carbon steel ball valve, stainless steel 304 ball valve, 316 ball valve and copper ball valve

According to pressure, it can be divided into high-pressure ball valve and low-pressure ball valve

High pressure control electric flange ball valve: it can be mainly used in China's petroleum, natural gas, hydraulic oil, engineering construction machinery and other industries

Low pressure electric flange ball valve: mainly used for corrosive pipes such as water!

Remove the protective covers on both sides of the flange end and work under the condition that the valve can be fully opened for system flushing and cleaning.

Before installation, the whole machine must be tested according to the specified signal (electrical or gas) (to prevent the vibration caused by transportation from affecting the performance). After passing the test, it can be installed online (wiring according to the circuit diagram of the electric actuator).

Before preparing to connect with the pipe, the residual impurities in the pipe (which may damage the valve seat and ball) must be cleaned and removed.

During installation, please do not use the actuator of the valve as a lifting point to avoid damaging the actuator and accessories.

This type of valve shall be installed in the horizontal development direction or vertical management direction of a pipeline.

The pipe near the installation point shall not be reduced or subjected to external force, and the deviation of the pipe can be eliminated by using pipe support or support.

After connecting with the pipe, please use the specified torque to connect through the cross locking flange with bolts.


What Is the Main Manufacturing Process of Electric Flange Ball Valve 1

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