What's the Name of the Card Game in Final Fantasy 8?

Yes, the name of the game is Triple Triad.There's an executable version I found online called "Triple Triad Gold". It works on WinXP, I don't know about other operating systems.

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How to prevent the Too awesome to use syndrome?

If the item is too awesome to be used, then the difficulty of the game is too low.Alternatively, the player might be insecure about using the item because he doesn't precisely know the benefit of doing so


Design constraints for games that the elderly (65) get engaged with

The games you've stated are very simple in design, and are extremely easy to "win". Some people might argue they can be complex (ie. chaining properly in Tetris and Bubble Shooter), but at the end of the day, it is their simplicity and low entry levels of difficulty.

Following the examples you've stated:* the elderly may find this difficult to do often and for long periods of time as required by the game.It's also worth noting that both Tetris and a Bubble Shooter are not board games, per say.Unlike younger people, who are open to learning, can discover patterns easily and are open to more complex gameplay ideas, or things that would have need us to actively think and be aware (ie. spatial awareness in shooters), the elderly may have difficulty grasping such concepts maybe because:And with anything, there are of course some people that are exceptions to the above


How should you write a long lived species? closed

They're your characters. You decide. They might become more patient and wise, like you suggest, or they might become tired and grumpy and less tolerant. They might become sad, living with pains and regrets and losses. They might collect loved ones or lose loved ones. I'd say these people would reflect the author's view of what life is like


New Players Starting with a Remote DM

I am currently playing a 5th edition game as DM but with only 2 players - a long-time D&D associate and my 12 year old son who is new to the hobby. Even though he lives in the same house as me, he remotes in from a different room because the remote participant kept getting cross-talk from our mikes if we were in the same room.We are using roll20.net for character sheets (they are excellent), tactical situations and dice rolling, Skype for communications and evernote to record the campaign progress.

I would make the following recommendations:


What are the best computer generators for historical timelines? closed

Microscope is an rpg that, over the course of play, generates a history. You can use it to create a shared world as a group, and then bootstrap into using it as a setting for a different rpg


Teen horror book involving a girl and her boyfriend on their way to an abortion being killed by a nightmarish girl with a pitchfork

Possibly Whisper of Death by Christopher Pike, published 1991.From above link: Pepper and Roxanne meet, flirt, and date. On their first date they go to a horror movie: The Season of Passage, about the second mission to Mars.... After more dates, they go to Paul's aunt and uncle's horse barn to, um, be alone on the hay bales. You know what I mean.Pulling a Jamie Lynn Spears, teenage Rox is knocked up. She tells the doctor she's not interested in an abortion, but when she tells Pepper the news, he says he doesn't want to keep it.Soon the couple find themselves on a weekend trip to nearby Foster, AZ. Five hundred dollars later, Pepper waits in the clinic waiting room, while Roxanne waits on the operating table. She thinks about a classmate, Betty Sue McCormick, who committed suicide recently....Roxanne thinks about how Betty Sue's death was such a waste, then questions her own beliefs about the sanctity of life. She decides not to go through with the procedure, dresses, and leaves before the doctor returns.... (fast forward to end of recap because it's really long) ... Betty Sue explains: "I was the one in your womb. I came back for you. You were pregnant with me." B.S. had come back to kill Roxanne, but first Rox needed to have that abortion. Rox tells her that, uh, she didn't actually have it, so... fallacy?B.S. was in love with Pepper. She'd come around that night and seen Rox and Pep rolling in the hay. And it huurrrttttt!! She'd made Roxanne feel the same pain by making her push Pepper onto the pitchfork and killing him.Rox argues that this is all bullshit, because she didn't go through with it, but Betty Sue has some new information. Rox is still on the table. She's bleeding and the doctor doesn't think she'll make it. Rox has been writing through all this, and now Betty Sue reminds her to keep writing or else she's gonna stab her in the abdomen. Rox stops and Betty Sue stabs her with a needle, straight through the gut.Epilogue time! Pepper's in the waiting room. He can't believe what a tool he is! Getting two girls pregnant in two months. There's a mistake for ya. Well, at least Betty Sue killed herself, and now Roxanne is aborting. All will be well, again.There's a clamour in the operating room. Roxanne is dying on the table. Pepper freaks out and starts crying.Laying there, Rox had a sensation of dreaming away. She left her body and walked away. Out past crying Pepper, and into the light.Basic summary


Can you mix Warhammer Fantasy armies?

For the sake of completeness: Now Warhammer Fantasy is rebranded to Warhammer Age of Sigmar, that allows you to play with "whatever the heck you want" in any game. But even if you want to play rules hardcorelly, now they are only 4 factions, Order, Chaos, Destruction and Death. All the armies you named in your question are part of "Order" so, by the new rules, they are completely allowed to be used together.


How long can a prologue be, and what should you not do?

The best prologues that I have read have action in them. Instead of weighing the reader down with info (that you can give to them gradually later in the book), you hook them and make them want to read on, to find out what this action is all about and who these characters are


Can You Mix Readers of Fantasy and Sci-Fi?

There are some nicely detailed answers here already, so I'll keep my response short:- of course you can blend the two. As long as you balance the main aspects of each, eg. magic and technology, then you will appeal to both audiences equally. I'd recommend taking a look at Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana. This is a table-top RPG web series on YouTube, with a custom-designed universe, which is a perfect blend of sci-fi and fantasy; Technological remnants left behind after an apocalyptic war, mixed with the more primal magic that the inhabitants of the planet now draw upon


What is a Wyrm in D&D?

The word for dragon in Germanic mythology and its descendants is worm (Old English: wyrm, Old High German: wurm, Old Norse: ormr), meaning snake or serpent. In Old English, wyrm means "serpent", and draca means "dragon".Wikipedia


Fate based minigames in a historic/fantasy realm? closed

The Fate Toolkit contains rules for squad-based combat and wars which don't require characters. Reading them over, I assume they play similarly to whatever rules Diaspora uses for spaceships.Also, as @SevenSidedDie notes in the comments, Diaspora has similar rules - if you planned on using Diaspora anyway, you might want to just spring for the whole book.

Fate Toolkit: Squad-based ActionFate Toolkit: Mass Combat


Can I play the Final Fantasy XV mobile app without spoiling elements of the main game?

Based on information from Polygon article and FFXV: A New Empire, you can play the mobile game without spoiling anything from the main game.Theres little in common between A New Empire and the game its based onand The game is set in the universe of Final Fantasy XV and features an alternate story which focuses on the development of Insomnia as a kingdom. Further more, FF XV: A New Empire was not developed by Square Enix. It was developed by Machine Zone, Inc. (MZ), under the name Epic Action LLC, licensing the Final Fantasy name from Square EnixFF XV: A New Empire follows similar play styles of the companys other games, like Mobile Strike and Game of War: Fire Age, while licensed under the FF XV title and universe


How do I discourage or work with nuke it from orbit solutions?

I've had parties hire assassins, send in the army, the police and everything - what you need to focus on to draw the party back in is rewards, fallout and that your plans and dungeon isn't wasted:


Looking for high dark fantasy setting

Anima: Beyond Fantasy is a game inspired by western fantasy with a manga-inspired kinaesthetic.If you're primarily interested in the setting, the main book you want is Gaia: Beyond the Dreams


Naval warfare in a Bronze Age setting - few big ships versus many smaller ships

Its a numbers game during Bronze ageSure they got Big boats, and as you have smaller ones, but your pirates dhows have better maneuverability than your protagonist galleys.Their plan of attack:The pirates will charge head on, since arrows will be the primary ranged weapon at this age, the galleys will have archers raining burning arrows at the dhows, one by one the pirate dhows sink and burn, but the attack does not cease. The pirates will attack the ships sides, throws hooks or burning arrows too into the galleys, some pirates board the ships and kill your crew with swords, others support them through ranged attack. The attack of the pirates will be relentless until they finally burned the last galley, capturing your protagonist in the process

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