What Would Happen to the Airplane If You Shot One of the Windows?

What would happen to the airplane if you shot one of the windows?

What Would Happen to the Airplane If You Shot One of the Windows? 1

The aircraft would slowly decompress. There are no big explosions or things getting sucked out. Think of it this way; take a water balloon and put a pin hole in it. The water would slowly trickle out. Now if you were to make a bigger hole, let's say with scissors, all the water would rush out at once. So it would take a big hole to cause sudden decompression. HotShot, sorry, it would decompress very slowly until it is brought down below 10K feet.

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How does all that water get up the mountain?

Rain, snow are the most probable sources for these water

What Would Happen to the Airplane If You Shot One of the Windows? 2

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Dropped my phone in water...?

Take battery out and put the cell and battery in a closed container with DRY noodles or rice etc . and leave it in it for a day or two . all the water will be absorbed in the noodles. i have had this happen to me and even stupidly played w. the cell after thinking it would work until someone told me to do this and my $400 cell phone was saved

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i dont like water how do i drink it with the same nutrition?

water makes ur mouth dry?? what u got a sponge up there that's sucking up all the water? i dont like the taste??? what taste does water have ?? have u ever heard the phrase "it taste like water" that basically means its bland.....

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How long does it take for fresh water to evaporate?

How much water, what temperature, what relative humidity, what pressure? No way to answer your question without knowing those numbers. A µL of water at 300° in a vacuum will evaporate immediately. I think you will admit that if we cut off all the water going into Lake Superior it will still take hundreds of years to evaporate. Lake Baikal, which has a smaller surface area than Superior, but even more volume will take even longer

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Best way to keep your fish tank clean?

Weekly water changes of 25-50%, with a gravel vacuum. Done this way, all the water you are removing comes from the bottom, also pulling up any poo or leftover food that is between the gravel. That is for just routine cleaning.

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how to separate oil, salt, and water?

First to extract the oil, use some kind of organic solvent like Methanol and separate the aqueous and the organic layer. Vapor out the methanol and you will have the oil. From the remaining aqueous layer, distill out the water completely and collect the water. When you distill all the water, salt will be the only thing left in the flask. I hope this helps.

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I have $20. What is the most useful thing I can buy?

Hmm trust me when I say I can get you the largest thing possible for $20.First you go to the woods (walk to save money) and find 5 large logs that you can roll and take to a beach.Then go the the nearest convenience store and buy a waterproof rope for $10. Then buy a large poster board for $2 and a meter stick for $1. Also buy a few markers which cost $3.So at this point youu2019ve spent 16 dollars and have almost everything you need.Take some time and draw up a flag and declare that the flag of your country. Then tie the logs together very tightly and drift out to sea. Once you make it really far out plant your flag and declare all the water within a hunred miles your water.BAM you just got a WHHOOOOOOLE chunk of water only for $16u2026. I have $20. What is the most useful thing I can buy?What is the biggest thing you can buy for $20?

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Why would a ship that is able to recycle all water consumed have trouble running out of water?

Previous answers are spot-on, but there are other (perhaps even major) points of water loss that each overlooks that would cause loss even in a system with 100% recycling efficiency:People transferring from ship to ship. If an individual comes from another ship in the fleet and eats and/or drinks while aboard the Galactica, then departs, the quantity of water they've consumed is a net loss to the Galactica's reserves. While individually small, these losses would tend to accumulate over time, although they would be partially offset by people boarding the Galactica (perhaps even enough to roughly balance). Atmospheric loss. There is a large volume of air aboard Galactica, which contains water vapor. As air is lost, some of this water vapor is also lost and will be replaced through evaporation.Open-ended chemical processes. Human consumption is not the only drain on water; water is likely also used for other purposes, some of which may be open-ended (non-recycling). Food export. Galactica is shown during the series to be a major source of food, etc. for other ships in the fleet. Assuming that at least some of this is produced aboard Galactica (and not just prepackaged provisions), this would be a steady drain on her water resources.Absorption of atmospheric moisture. Many materials are hygroscopic, that is, they absorb moisture from the atmosphere, which is a net loss to the overall water supply. who noted this in the comments

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