Why Are Women Plus Size and Men Not?

marketing. and they can get away with it

Why Are Women Plus Size and Men Not? 1

1. clothing size men v women?

Okay, I wear a small/med in womens and a men x-small fits me. It's loose, and pretty long, but it fits :)

2. whats the most popular shoe size for men & women???

Size 10 for men and size 7 in women I spend a year selling shoes and measuring other peoples feets. I mean foots?

Why Are Women Plus Size and Men Not? 2

3. What size in men's jeans would I wear?

Probably a boys size 16 or 18. After that, mens jeans have waist and length measure, with the smallest waist being 27 inches. At 5'6, you can be anything from a 26 - 32 length, depending on your build

4. What's your shoe size? ---- Men Only ----?

6 ft 1 size 13

5. what would an extra small size in men's shirts be if coverted to woman's size?

xs in mens would be approximately a small in women's, depending on the brand it could be closer to a medium

6. I wear a 7 in women's, what size in men's/boys? ?

do not be a cross dresser!!!

7. What is my shoes size in a men's shoe?

subtract 1.5 from womens to get mens so u should get sz 6.5 mens. the shape should be the same. they look good

8. What's the difference between women's shoe size and men's?

i also think it is a 1.5 difference. and dos any one know the reason for having a different system for measuring the shoes?? E-mail me at

9. What is my pants size in men's?

do not buy men's pants. You do not have the same equipment to deal with. Go to a good department store (there's one called Lane Bryant) that has size 14 and up clothing and get yourself a good pair of women's trousers. And jeans. Do not under any circumstances buy leggings or skinny jeans. Buy pants that hang straight down from the hip and do not accentuate your hips or your behind. Avoid any pants that wrinkle when you put them on - wrinkled thighs, wrinkled legs, skin tight jeans only accentuate your size. I do not care how old you are or how young you are: proper fit is essential at any age. Good luck.

10. What size men's wetsuit should I get if I am a women?

Buy a women's wetsuit because it will fit better. It's not about about style, it's about warmth. Also never buy a used wetsuit, people pee in their wetsuits.

11. If I am an xxl in women's, what size in men's?

If you've got a full figure do not dress down in sweats and hoodies. Why do not you shop at lanebryant.com, catherines.com or alight.com, Forever21.com now has a plus sized section called Faith 21

12. is the shoe size 7 a boy size or men size?

it's for boys because it's pretty tiny

13. What size men's scrubs should I go with?

Dickies Scrubs sizing charts Dickies Medical Uniforms Sizing chart for Junior Fit, Womens, and unisex scrubs. Dickies Junior Fit scrubs are designed with the Junior fit cut. A Junior fit cut is more of a true retail Junior department design. Styles are designed and cut to fit more snug, form fitting, and shapely. The pants are designed with a lower waist, the tops are slightly shorter. This scrub line is designed for nurses who want a more fashion scrubs look to their nurse uniforms, instead of the baggy, loose look of just plain scrubs. Dickies Womens "W" line of scrubs are designed with the Missy fit cut. The missy fit cut is a true women fit design. Styles are designed and cut to fit more body shapes and sizes. The pants are designed fuller fit, the tops have traditional length and width. This scrub line is designed for nurses who want a more fashion scrubs look that can not wear the Junior fit cut. Dickies unisex scrubs are designed with the ability for both men and women to wear these scrubs. Styles are designed and cut to fit a bit more loose. The design of the scrubs are more towards men sizing. Thus, women tend to size down a size from what they wear in a "missy cut" nurse uniform. A missy cut is a womens designed scrub with a true womens size chart. Please see the Dickies Missy sizing chart for these measurements to make comparisons. As always, size charts are made for you to use as a guide. They are not a perfect, definitive answer. Your particular needs may vary, depending on your desires of how the nursing uniform should fit on your body in requards to how loose or tight of a fit you like.

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