With the Help of New Retail, Lingge Warms Up the Beauty's Sharp Screen Fingerprint Leagoo S10

According to jiwei.com, taking advantage of the east wind of new retail, Lingge mobile phone, which has a good expression in the overseas market, has made a combination of popular models and new products, and released a variety of mobile phone products at one go. On April 18, 2018 global resources mobile electronics exhibition was opened in Hong Kong. Lingge unveiled the world's first bangs full screen flagship leagoo S9 and S9 Pro supporting 65 million pixel HD photography, as well as the flagship new product leagoo S10 of beauty's sharp screen concept.

Layout new retail and create a new ecology of intelligent life

Since Ma Yun, chairman of Alibaba group, put forward the new retail concept in 2016, this new sales model has been going deep into all major fields, especially in the mobile phone industry.

In September 2017, Xiaomi established its first new retail flagship store in Shenzhen. Huawei Yu Chengdong and hammer Luo Yonghao came to visit and investigate one after another. In March 2018, Lenovo held a new product launch and announced that its products will be sold in a new retail model in the future. On April 18, 2018, linge held a new retail strategy conference at global resources mobile electronics exhibition. Linge will jointly build a competitive whole network sales system with the help of flagship stores, image experience stores, more than 15000 retail stores and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, aliexpress, jumia and lazada. In addition to the main new mobile phones, it also sells mobile phone accessories, smart speakers, high-end all-in-one computers, portable notebooks, smart tablets and other products, bringing a new heat wave to the new retail model of mobile phones. At the press conference, linge CEO Zhuang Xiaofeng said that linge will integrate online and offline channels and product ecosystem, take Sichuan Yibin linge intelligent terminal Industrial Park as the base, rely on Internet technology and AI Artificial Intelligence technology, and cooperate with Sichuan Yibin government to actively invest and incubate related projects such as intelligent hardware and smart home, so as to make industrial layout for linge's new retail, Create a new ecosystem of smart life for global consumers in the future.

Warm up the beauty sharp screen fingerprint leagoo S10

With the help of new retail, we are building a competitive whole network sales system. At the same time, Lingge is also continuously tackling difficulties and launching new mobile phones with selling points. At this exhibition, Lingge focused on the world's first bangs full screen flagship leagoo S9 and S9 Pro supporting 65 million pixel HD photography, and the 7000mah large battery full screen flagship mobile phone leagoo power 5, leagoo's first high-end three defense flagship leagoo xrover, and the beauty tip full screen flagship product leagoo S10 to be released by Lingge.

It is reported that the flagship product of leagoo beauty sharp comprehensive screen concept, leagoo S10, will be equipped with off-screen fingerprint technology and rear three cameras. The application of these technologies means that Lingge's products are more competitive in the overseas mobile phone market. After all, there are only two mobile phone manufacturers that want to mass produce screen fingerprints, which is not easy to overcome. Coupled with the cost performance of Lingge all the time, perhaps after the listing of leagoo S10, it is another explosive product that attracts the attention of overseas markets.

It is worth mentioning that at this press conference, Lingge not only launched new mobile phones, but also announced new ecological chain products, including smart speakers, wireless chargers, high-end all-in-one computers, portable notebooks, smart tablets, etc. Among them, Lingge AI speaker adopts the most advanced artificial intelligence technology on the market, which is refreshing.

At present, Lingge has 55 flagship stores, more than 230 image experience stores and more than 15000 retail stores around the world, and its product marketing channels cover more than 40 countries and regions around the world. Meanwhile, Lingge has always been a best-selling brand of e-commerce platforms such as aliexpress and Amazon, and has signed strategic cooperation agreements with jumia, the largest e-commerce platform in Africa and lazada, an e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia. With the help of huge sales channels, Lingge is combining online and offline through the advantages brought by new retail to continuously consolidate its market advantages. Perhaps Lingge brand is about to usher in a gorgeous turn.

With the Help of New Retail, Lingge Warms Up the Beauty's Sharp Screen Fingerprint Leagoo S10 1

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